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Our Values

We are committed to helping learning organizations solve challenges and build momentum around ideas through our core values:

  • Leanness - As a nonprofit we are committed to bringing value to every project at or near cost, and by providing matching support pro bono.

  • Open Source Thinking - We strive to generate deliverables that can be forked and merged with other projects.

  • Distributed Framework - We invite leaders and agencies to collaborate in ways that support the market rather than the firm.

  • Inductive Spirit - This is our best thinking today.

About Rad Schools

Rad Schools is a 501c3 organization helping schools and learning communities thrive in a hyper connected world. We operate as a decentralized cooperative lab (Co-Lab) of creators intersecting education, media, technology and the arts. We work together to create forward-thinking Design, Workshops, Networking, and Mediatech. Learn More

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