About RadSchools

RadSchools is a decentralized collaborative lab (Co-Lab) of creators sharing ideas that move learning communities forward. Our mission is to create momentum around these ideas--and have fun doing it.


The Cooperative Lab (Co-Lab)

RadSchools invites brilliant minds from across the spectrum to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and solve wicked problems in education --and by extension, society. Want to get involved? Wiki coming soon.

Recod/ed Philosophy

RadSchools is unapologetically forward-thinking in its approach. Our Recod/ed philosophy emphasizes the need to evolve to the next dimension in learning--that which is possible, that which is already here, but that which we may not yet see. We consider this "right column" thinking.


Dr. Walter Fernando Balser, Founding Partner

Walter is a professor, writer, and creator intersecting technology, learning and art. Most recently he served as a clinical professor at the University of Denver and founder of the Open Partnership Education Network (learnOPEN.org). Walter has founded and advised numerous education startups and has worked as a teacher, administrator and strategic consultant in urban schools across the country. His ideas on society, learning, and tech have been featured in academic journals and popular outlets including the Huff Post, Wallethub, The Progressive, Diplomatic Courier, Hackernoon, Medium, EFL Magazine, and TedX.

Dr. Harris Ambush, Founding Partner

Harris is a creator, ideologist, guide, wanderer, seeker and connector to all. In the professional realm, Harris has served as a professor, leader, teacher and strategist--but always, a coach. His work in youth and community development through holistic education has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. Harris was the founding director of Hands 4 Hope, an organization that worked locally and internationally to assist with education in areas affected by natural and manmade disasters. Harris is also certified in yoga (adult and kid’s), mindfulness, personal training, group instruction, life guidance, and Hoʻoponopono.

Let's Recod/ed ... Fearlessly

What do hackers, skaters, and educators have in common? A lot. Let's come together to push radical ideas to the limit, test those ideas.... fail.... and try again.

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