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Thrive as a learning organization by building on diversity and collective strengths, and by nurturing a culture of trust, fluid networks, and transparency.

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Supercharge your Equity Team

Rad Schools' team members partner with your organization to raise intercultural awareness to address systemic challenges such as: Microagressions, Cultural Blindness, Cultural Destructiveness, Exlusionary Practices, Minimization of Cultural Differences, Settling on Dominant Patterns of Behavior, Diversity Fatigue.

Team Facilitation

As Qualified Administrators (QAs) of the world's premier cross-cultural assessment, we work with your team to raise organizational awareness from the inside out. Starting with a safe space, we help your team deconstruct (what is happening), confront (why that is happening), and construct a new path forward.

Building a Culturally Responsive Org

Open Source Orgs

Contact us to learn more about our new Open Source Orgs workshop to help your teams thrive as powerful networked communities.

About Rad Schools

Rad Schools is a 501c3 organization helping schools and learning communities thrive in a hyper connected world. We operate as a decentralized cooperative lab (Co-Lab) of creators intersecting education, media, technology and the arts. We work together to create forward-thinking Design, Workshops, Networking, and Mediatech. Learn More.

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