It's time to Recod/ed

Education is undergoing a dramatic transition to digital learning, online delivery and metaverse environments. Rad Schools can help schools and organizations thrive in this emerging ecosystem through Instructional Design, Portal Development, Community-building and Gamification.

Rich Media & Emerging Tech Integration

Instructional Design

eLearning Transition

Articulate Rise & Storyline

Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Media Production

Video Production

Sustainable Media Strategy

Social Media Development & Training

Communications Strategy

Transition your Program to eLearning, Today

Whether you need basic support, comprehensive instructional design, LMS deployment, improved User Interface (UX) or ground-up coding for gamification, we can help your learning program enter the next dimension--rapidly! Our process helps you identify the optimal strategy to accomplish your goals elegantly, scalably, and efficiently. Platforms include Articulate Storyline and Rise, Canvas, Apprendo, Schoology, ReactJS and more.

About Rad Schools

Rad Schools is a 501c3 organization helping schools and learning communities thrive in a hyper connected world. We operate as a decentralized cooperative lab (Co-Lab) of creators intersecting education, media, technology and the arts. We work together to create forward-thinking Design, Workshops, Networking, and Mediatech. Learn More

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